Board Members


Ron Heineman

As the Managing Director and Principal of Diversified and Carebourn Capital Partners, Heineman has been directly involved in the acquisition or merger of over 50 companies. His passion for education led him to Cedarville University, where he served as an adjunct Professor in the College of business. Heineman was recently appointed to Executive Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Cincinnati Christian University and is the former Chairman of the Trustee Board for the Vineyard Cincinnati.


Eddie Speir

From his lollypop manufacturing operation at the age of 15, to starting a Tech venture that would remain on the INC 500 list for 4 years, Speir has continued to push the limits of what is possible in business.  In the late nineties, Speir revolutionized the mortgage industry with Mortgage Cadence, a software technology that simplified the loan process. He would go on to sell this technology to consulting giant Accenture and focus on starting several other businesses.


Jaime DiDomenico

DiDomenico made a name for himself in the business world by starting and growing HVAC and plumbing companies. In the early 2000’s DiDomenico grew the revenue of a small Air Conditioning company by over 2000% in just under 10 years. That company became the largest of its kind in the region. Jaime is on the board of many charitable organizations and is a founding member of the Gulf Coast CEO Forum.